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Silagepacker roller

The silagepacker is intended for compressing silage of both grass and corn. The advantage of the silagepacker is that when pressed, the large mass of the packer is pressurized on a very small surface, which ensures a good pressure ratio between the pressing surface of the mass being pressurized.

  • Pressure rings 12 mm thick
  • Filler capability with sand or water, increased packer weight
  • The construction allows easy manipulation with the machine during operation
Model ROLLER 200 ROLLER 250 ROLLER 300
Drum diameter 1020 mm 1020 mm 1020 mm
Drum width 2000 mm 2500 mm 3000 mm
Number of ribs 10 14 16
Filling volume 1,1 m³ 1,3 m³ 1,6 m³
Weight 1300 kg 1600 kg 1900 kg


Offset left / right

Double rings


Additional corn roller

Additional grass roller

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